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Dome 2016: Legacy

yearbook design

During my junior year (2015-16), I worked as the design director for the Notre Dame yearbook, the Dome. I worked throughout the academic with the editor-in-chief and a team of designers, writers, and photographers to put together the 2016 book, Legacy, which was distributed to the students at the end of April. I assigned pages to designers, including myself, that were due by each periodic deadline to our printer, and I went over and made edits to each of the 352 pages before final submission, many of them needing adjustments or partial to full designs. My editor-in-chief and I decided on a consistent type system, color scheme, and minimal style that avoided visual clutter, resulting in a clean aesthetic that values white space.

At the 2017 ICPA awards (Indiana Collegiate Press Association), the 2016 Dome took home 13 awards, including 1st Place for Best Execution of Theme, and 2nd Place for Best Cover, Best Overall Design, and Yearbook of the Year.

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