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Rainbow Crow: A Lenape Legend

stop motion animation

One of the first projects I ever made in a college art class, Rainbow Crow was an exercise in stop motion animation using paper. I retold the Lenape legend that explained the origin of the crow, who began as a beautiful bird with a lovely voice until he was given the mission of saving the animals from dying in the earth's first winter. He journeyed to seek the Creator and ask for help. In response he received fire, but over the three-day trip, the flames singed his feathers black and the smoke ruined his voice. This project was a labor of love, as the creation of each element took time in research and execution, and the multi-colored crow alone required hours of cutting and pasting individual feathers on different versions of wings in flight.

This piece was selected among the others of my class to be featured as student work on my professor's website.

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