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Sustainable South Bend

poster design

This project was done to promote sustainable eating and shopping venues in South Bend to students at the University of Notre Dame. The poster was displayed at the Sustainability Fair in the fall of 2016 and directed students to places within walking or biking distance from campus, encouraging them to visit healthy and environmentally conscious restaurants, gardens, and shops. Utilizing existing logos for GreenND, Grateful Green Food Truck, and the Center for Social Concerns, I created a clean, intuitive map with leaf markers that indicated visually the distances from Notre Dame to these sites.

Getting Students Involved

Conscious of the disconnect that often exists between Notre Dame students and the surrounding city of South Bend, I sought to create a visualization that gave the necessary information on how easy it actually was to locate and participate in green, sustainable events around the area. A large percentage of students own a bicycle if not a car, so showing just how close these places are encourages them to actually make the brief trip. I designed this poster with student interaction in mind as well, as students attending the fair would take a picture of the map on their phones to use for reference later. Because I was utilizing multiple existing logos with their own colors, I chose to create the rest of the poster using a largely monochromatic color scheme of refreshing greens that complemented the logos and map. 

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