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Earn Your "A": United Way 2016

campaign design

During my internship at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, I was put in charge of creating the identity and designs for the 2016 United Way campaign. The year's theme was "Earn Your 'A'" and focused on education, and I worked with an outside department to finalize a logo design, kiosk fundraising thermometer with a student as the marker, and design styles for posters, invitations, and dress down sticker. My internship ended before I could fully complete the project, but my fellow designers were able to finish the collateral after I left. Following is what I created during the internship.

The challenge was to create an identity that was successful on both a digital and print platform. I wanted to create a dynamic, visually engaging campaign while also maintaining professionalism, so I created a simple primary color scheme of blue and green that was expanded to include more variety in color for the thermometer visualization.

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